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2 bottles sitting on rocks

Good Times


Good Times is a conceptual re-brand for GT’s Living Foods. Heavily influenced by Eastern philosophies and alternative medicines, GT’s Living Foods started as a small family-run business, brewing small batches of raw organic and unpasteurized Kombucha in Los Angeles.

The goal was to bring a refresh to their current identity with a new product design that would complement their re-brand. To shift away from their original look that contained cultural appropriation, GT’s Living Foods re-branded as Good Times.

Each label is unique to its ingredients, with illustrations highlighting the main flavours in that specific bottle. The simplicity of the illustrations symbolizes the simplicity in their ingredients. The typography is light and fun just like the drink, communicating the type of atmosphere Good Times can be found in. Good Times can be enjoyed with friends at a bar, or just at home with your family. While Good Times is still a health food drink, it is more so marketed to be a healthy alternative to your typical alcoholic beverage.

mango front label
mango bottle
back label of bottle
guava back label
guava front label
guava bottle
hibiscus front label
hibiscus bottle
top of bottle cap showing logo
inside of bottle caps